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07 January 2009

The Disgruntled Actress: Review of a shameless self-promotion blog

Actress Lorelei Mahoney has been utilising cyber space with her effective online marketing for a considerable time now. The Disgruntled Actress (make that Killing Loneliness) is the latest incarnation of her blog.

What makes The Disgruntled Actress successful?

While this is not a blogging about blogging blog, I still feel it could be evaluated according to Pro Blogger's 4 pillars of writing exceptional blogs. As always, these are:
  • Be Extremely Useful

  • Write Great Headlines

  • Make The Post Scannable

  • Write In Plain, Concise, Common Sense Style

Is The Disgruntled Actress useful?

Well, the celeb of the month on this blog is none other than Ann Coulter. I did not know that she posed nude for Playboy. Frankly, that knowledge is not exactly going to cure my bouts of insomnia. On the contrary.

Ann Coulter Playboy
Ann Coulter in Playboy. Yes, you read that right.

Lorelai describes herself as conservative. I think she is right. In more ways than one.

Does The Disgruntled Actress feature great headlines?

I'm not sure about this one. The headlines confuse me a little, but they definitely catch my attention and prompt me to read the rest of the posts, so they serve their purpose. I'd work on making the headlines a little more clear. Or maybe I was just being distracted by the semi-nude picture of Ann Coulter. Cold shivers are creeping down my spine while I'm typing this.

Are the posts scannable?

Definitely. The layout of this blog is exceptionally clean and neat. While the colours are bright and tend to shout at me like a bad acid trip, they're more welcoming than a casino's sensual assault. I think the posts are scannable. The bright colours do not distract, they merely catch your attention.

The link pool on the right is very useful and a great idea for any blog. I'm thinking of getting one.

Is The Disgruntled Actress in a plain, concise, common sense style?

Yup y'all.


This actress can't be all that disgruntled, because her blog is quite charming.

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