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12 February 2008

Bloggernoob: Review Of a Money Making Blog

While I managed to set up my own blog, The Necro Files, for making money, my success so far does not equal that of Bloggernoob. Instead of dealing with affiliate programs and advertising devices, I decided to review this blog instead.

What Is Bloggernoob All About?
Bloggernoob is a money making machine. It appears to be a part time project with very clear targets set. The owner of Bloggernoob is clearly very gifted when it comes to marketing.

Bloggernoob regularly offers competitions - not silly ones where you can win an affiliate link, real ones where you could win awesome gadgets like a pmp. This is an excellent way to promote your blog.

Bloggernoob features a baby to indicate that the blogger is a noob – a newbie. This is very clever, although I rather prefer babies like this:

A baby shooting flames from his eyeballs. Awesome!

What can I say? There's no accounting for taste.

Why Is Bloggernoob Successful?
Firstly, I really like the layout of the site. It is uncluttered and easy to navigate.

Bloggernoob manages to entice readers to visit the site with off-site marketing. Joining a blogging network is definitely paying off for Bloggernoob.

The adverts are part of the blog organically. A reader never realises that adverts are on parade.

The Medicine
Let us consider Bloggernoob against Pro Blogger's 4 Pillars of Writing Exceptional Blogs. These pillars are as follows:

  • Be Extremely Useful

  • Write Great Headlines

  • Make The Post Scannable

  • Write In Plain, Concise, Common Sense Style

Is Bloggernoob Useful?
To be quite honest, Bloggernoob is more interesting than useful. I would suggest that Bloggernoob explain more about the art of making money with blogging.

Does Bloggernoob Have Great Headlines?
The headlines are usually succinct. One can clearly gather what the posts are about by skimming over the headlines. Bloggernoob does have great headlines.

Are The Posts Scannable?
The posts are not really scannable. It could be argued that Bloggernoob has short posts, so making it scannable would not really enhance the blog. However, I would still suggest more lists and perhaps a few bold keywords. It is always a good idea to pay mind to the inverted pyramid style of writing.

Is Bloggernoob In Common Sense Style?
This is where Bloggernoob excels. My posts tend to be filled with jargon because I am used to academic writing. My posts are often structured in a draconian manner, but due to the jargon much of the message could get lost.

Bloggernoob manages to stick to the point. The posts are devoid of jargon and definitely in a common sense style.

Conclusion: How Bloggernoob Could Improve
A suggestion from Contestime is to keep a running statistics bar somewhere on Bloggernoob. I agree, it could be interesting to see how much money Bloggernoob is making day by day, week by week or any such time division. It is one more reason to return to Bloggernoob regularly.

Bloggernoob is after all about making money, and I haven't seen such a running tab on any meta blog. It could give Bloggernoob that Unique Selling Point.

My Own Suggestions On How To Improve Bloggernoob:

  • Try to work on the structure of the posts a little. The writing style and the headlines are great, but the posts could be made more scannable.

  • Some of the posts have glaring spelling errors. This could be easiliy remedied with any word processor.

  • Bloggernoob could use more interlinking to previous posts. This is a great way to lower your bounce rate. Link back to previous posts that were particularly successful.

  • Lastly, some of the posts could be more useful. I feel the target audience of Bloggernoob is comprised of people who not only want to see how much money Bloggernoob is making, but also how he did it.

Bloggernoob shows that with great marketing, your blog could be noticed. This is my entry for the Bloggernoob pmp contest. If you have any ideas on how to improve Bloggernoob, please enter too!

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sean said...

great review! you are a natural! you pointed out some great suggestions and backed it up with logical reasoning. i really appreciate it. and good luck on the contest!

Gerri said...

yup, been to that blog a numbers of times already and he seems a bit 'off' but I like what is posted sometimes. I like the pic of the baby in your post - a bit freaky.