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07 February 2008

How To Monetize Your Blog

When you monetize your blog, you have several options. I will list the options I use in this post, and spend the next couple of posts on each of them. These are the methods I use for my main blog, The Necro Files. While I haven't made shiploads of money yet, the income from these methods has been increasing steadily.

The Main Methods to Monetize Your Blog
You can either allow programs to place ads for products or services on your blog, or sell items from your blog.

  • Advertising Programs

  • Affiliate Marketing

Advertising Programs
This is when you allow programs like Google AdSense and BidVertiser to add their advertisements on your blog. Google AdSense places the "ads by Google" boxes to your blog.

BidVertiser is very similar, but it pays out in smaller amounts, which means you get paid more often. You usually get paid per click. This means each time a reader clicks on their ads, they pay you a small amount. It all ads up!

Affiliate Marketing
When you allow a company like Amazon or Ads by ShoppingAds to advertise their products on your blog. You don't get paid per click, but they pay you commission on each item that is sold from your site. Affiliate marketing makes out the largest portion of income from my blog. I subscribe this to the fact that I write reviews for products.

Some Thoughts On Advertising Programs
Advertising programs are convenient. I added the Google Adsense ads to this blog using the same code from my main blog. BidVertiser is slightly more complex in that you have to add the URL of your other blogs to their network, but it is not really much more effort.

How Do I Add Internet Marketing Programs To My Blog?
We will touch on this subject in the next post. In the meantime, you can have a look at these links I found useful:

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